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Christian Heinrich Behncke Benckes tree

This tree comprises the descendancy of:

  • Christian Heinrich Behncke b. 17 Jun 1826, Dümmerhütte/Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany; d. 21 Mar 1898, Centro Linha Brasil, Venâncio Aires, RS, Brazil, and
  • Maria Eva Augustin (daughter of Hieronymous Augustin and Anna Margaretha Mayer) b. 8 Dec 1826, Mörsbach-Rhein, Germany; d. 28 Jun 1897, Centro Linha Brasil, Venâncio Aires, RS, Brazil.

Christian Heinrich Behncke came in 1850 to Brazil as a soldier and fought the war against Rosas in Argentina. After the war, he decided to stay in Brazil, married and was the pioneer of the colony of Linha Brazil, Venâncio Aires, Brazil.

The tree contains more than 2,000 descendants of Christian Heinrich.

As I am related to the Benckes, several people that appear in this tree appear also in the Main tree. The ancestors of the couple Christian Heinrich and Maria Eva as well as the raltives that stayed in Germany appear only in that other tree.

Authors of this family tree

This tree is the result of the research of Berty Edwino Bencke and Pastor Lair Hessel. The data that appears at this site was automatically translated from a text released by the authors for publication. This process is not error free and may lead to small inconsistencies in some pages. This tree is not being updated anymore.

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You can identify the pages that display data from this tree by their color scheme (brown).

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Christian Heinrich
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Surgimento de Linha Brasil, Venâncio Aires
(just in Portuguese)

Geschichtliches von der Gründung der Linha Brasil
(just in German)
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