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Philipp Diefenthaeler Fº Diefenthaelers tree

This tree comprises the descendancy of the brothers Phillip Leonard Diefenthaeler and Jacob Diefenthaeler, b. 1782, Gau-Heppenheim Alzey Hessen. Jacob came to Brazil in 1826 with his wife Elizabetha Diehl, b. 10 Dec 1780, Biebelnheim Hessen, their children, and the children of Felipe, Elizabetha's first husband. The tree contains more than 900 descendants of the immigrants.

As my wife is related to the Diefenthaelers, several people appear also in the Main tree.

Author of this family tree

This family tree is the result of the research of Roberto Dillenburg Heberle. This version was automatically produced from a text file and may therefore contain translation errors.


If you want to suggest a change in this familiy tree please contact the author directly by sending him an e-mail.

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You can identify the pages that display data from this database by their color scheme around light blues.

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Phillip Leonard Diefenthaeler
Use the link above to reach Felipe Leonardo Diefenthaeler.

Jacob Diefenthaeler
Use the link above to reach Jacob Diefenthaeler.

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