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In the Main tree I collect the result of my research. It contains mainly individuals from the Heuser family in Brazil including ancestors, descendants and their relatives.

The Heusers in Brazil

The Heusers that appear in this tree are the descendants of three immigrants that came from the small village of Enkirch, at the Mosel river, in Germany.

The first immigrant to arrive in Brazil, in 1853, was Franz Daniel Heuser. Franz Daniel arrived as a single man at the German colony of Santa Cruz, married there, and constituted a large family.

Some years later, in 1858, he was followed by an older brother, Heinrich Carl Heuser, which is my ancestor, and by an uncle, Johann Philipp Heuser.

Heinrich Carl came with is family and went to the same colony of Santa Cruz where his brother was alreday established.

Johann Philipp, went to a different place here in Brazil. It was a new colony, called Fazenda dos Conventos, today in the city of Lajeado. I have no further information on this family. They seem to have changed their surname to Heiser.

The Heusers in Germany

The german Heusers that appear in this database lived for several generations in the villages of Traben and Enkirch on the Mosel river. The oldest researched ancestor is Conrad Heuser that came from a village called Wahlscheid. There were several places in Germany with that name and I could not identify which one is the place of origin of the family.

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