South Brazilian Family Trees Search

There are several ways to find the places where people lived.

Textual search

You can search by place name using the Find > Places menu that appears on every page.

The "Main tree", is georeferenced, that is, its places are associated with geographic coordinates. For this tree, in most search results there is a Google Maps icon that allows to view the locations on a map.

Map navigation

To get an overview of locations and navigate on a map, you may use this page. It contains a map with all locations where at least one person was born. Clicking on the map markers, you can zoom in to the locations and people associated with them.

Historic maps

There are several historic maps, in addition to the maps mentioned above. These historic maps are overlayed directly on a Google map. Each historic map has a slider that allows you to adjust its transparency. With this, it is possible to observe the correspondence between current and former geographical units. Notice that this correspondence is not perfect. In some cases, the old maps are not very accurate and in other cases, it was not possible to find a correspondence between the old map and the current one, due to changes in the geography of the place. These maps can be accessed through the Media > Old maps menu entry, available in every page.

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